dss fiscal manual section iii

All fiscal documents that are issued or received by a fiscal establishment must be reported at the federal, state, or municipal authority level.
Section II-B Unallowable Cost General Information.
Overview, a fiscal document is a legal document that registers the transfer of ownership of an item or service that is provided by a fiscal establishment (issuer) to a person or another fiscal establishment (customer, vendor, subsidiary, or branch).Action button Description Complementary fiscal document On the Purchase complementary fiscal document page or the Sales complementary fiscal document page you can create a purchase or sales complementary fiscal document.Fiscal document texts View the fiscal document texts that are attached to the fiscal document.Fiscal documents can be generated by using the following formats: Printed fiscal document The fiscal document is printed on paper.Feedback Liquid error: Can't find the localized string giveDocumentationFeedback for template Conceptual.Section II-D Cost of Space, section II-E Indirect Cost Reporting, section II-F OMB Circular A-87 Selected Items of Cost.The fiscal documents must be reported in specific formats, such as Sistema Público de Escrituração Digital (sped) fiscal or fiscal books, sped Programa de Integração Social/Contribuição para o financiamente da securidade social (sped PIS/cofins or Sistema Integrado de Informações sobre Operações Interestaduais com Mercadorias.All fiscal documents list page.The Purchase complementary fiscal document page or Sales complementary fiscal document page is determined by the type of fiscal document (vendor or customer) that is selected.Section VII-A Adjustments to DSS-1571 Reimbursement Reports.Section III-B Cost Reporting on the DSS-1571 Part.Inventory management Inbound orders All fiscal documents.Related information includes: Relationships between fiscal documents and codecs vista 64 bit windows 7 their source documents.You can review the fiscal document transactions, posted sales taxes, posted charges, referenced fiscal documents, and fiscal document text for a posted fiscal document.The fiscal document framework is used to ensure that all of the posted fiscal documents conform to a specific structure, regardless of the process that is used to generate the fiscal document.You can view and print all fiscal documents from the following pages: Accounts receivable Fiscal documents All fiscal documents, accounts payable Fiscal documents All fiscal documents, general ledger Inquire and reports Fiscal documents All fiscal documents.Posted sales tax View the posted sales tax for the fiscal document.Section II-C Costs Allowable with Prior Federal Approval.An electronic fiscal document can be a federal electronic fiscal document (NF-e which is generated for items and reported at the state or federal level, or it can be a municipal NF-e, which is generated for services and reported at the municipal level.Voucher View the voucher transactions for the fiscal document.
Section IV-A The Whos, What, When's and Where's of DSS-1571 Submission.
Charges View the charges for the fiscal document.

Section III-C Purchased Services Reporting DSS-1571 Part.
Import declaration View the import declaration information for the fiscal document.
You can review the posted fiscal documents on the.