Presence of liquid, moisture or dust inside this product can cause short circuiting, resulting in smoke or fire.
About ESN 20ESN security operating procedure 38Basic operation 60How to operate the fentanyl 50 mikes patch CD player 70How to operate the MP3/WMA player.Turn the SEL button to select an address from A.Do not adjust the controls while driving the car.Press the func button for less than one second while in the disc mode.Please read through this manual for correct operation.B Fasten the rear of the main unit using either method A.Caution disc button Switches disc modes and switches to AUX mode.CD8454 Receiver, used alone 1) 169Caution 1) CD8454 Receiver, used alone CD8454 CH3083 Power Amplifier 2) 170Caution 2) CD8454 CH3083 Power Amplifier Mounting instruction 171Caution CD8454 CH3083 CH3083 Power Amplifier 3) 3) CD8454 CH3083 CH3083 Power Amplifier e switch on the back side.156Others 158If you have a question: 163Specifications FM tuner AM tuner CD section audio amplifier Installation angle Components 164Before installation 165Mounting instruction Mounting the main unit 166Mount the stud bolt to the main unit.Model, cD8454, dISC, bAND, mODE, mUTE, illumi.It may not be possible to use MG Memory Sticks that have just been purchased.Sound button Turns the sound adjustment mode ON/OFF.Muting the Switching playback How to play the tuner Selecting the FM/AM Selecting a station (manually or Selecting preset How.When we buy new device such as Eclipse - Fujitsu Ten CD8454 we often through away most of the documentation but the warranty.Listening to MG Memory Stick 82Recording on Memory Stick, insert the MG Memory Stick to be recording the track and music.18 Operating precautions About cleaning the Memory Sticks In order to maintain good audio performance from Memory Sticks, periodically wipe the cartridge clean of any dust and other contamination with a dry cloth.They show safe and correct ways to handle the product so as to prevent personal injury to you, others and to avoid property damage.Discs should be stored in their cases and kept away from high temperature and.
Selecting the FM/AM band Selecting a station (manually or automatically) 141How to play CDs Switching disc modes Selecting preset stations Advancing to the next track or returning to the beginning of the track being played Skipping to the next or previous disc 142Illuminating the NOB.
In order to protect the player, the player's functions will be stopped automatically if a problem occurs.