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The book is primarily intended as a text for postgraduate students of commerce best search engine crack serial and management, chartered accountancy (CA) and chartered financial analysis (CFA).
The text is so significant because, in todays modern globalized economic environment, international transactions form an integral part of economic activities.Is a handy text for self-study.The book begins with an explanation of the portland sewer design manual exchange rate mechanism of foreign currencies, factors influencing exchange rate fluctuations, and the trading mechanism in foreign exchange markets.As currency forwards, futures, options and swaps are the instruments of currency derivatives used as hedging and speculative tools, the book goes on to give a detailed description of the use of currency derivatives for hedging as well as speculative functions.Kindle Edition, 359 pages, published July 7th 2013 by PHI Learning Private Limited (first published June 1st 2006).3.85, rating details 33 ratings 2 reviews, this well-organised, lucidly written text deals with the basic concepts of investment in securities such as bonds and stocks, and management of such assets.Any budding or practising manager, especially of big companies, needs to know the fundamentals of international finance.It not only discusses various aspects of portfolio management, ranging from analysis, selection, revision to evaluation of portfolio, but also elaborates on financial derivatives, securities market and risk evaluation This well-organised, lucidly written text deals with the basic concepts of investment in securities such.This concise and compact text explains, with great precision and clarity, the basic concepts, theories and practices of international business.It would also be of immense value to practising professionals in the field of international finance.Kevin, who has a rich and long experience in teaching international finance, eminently fulfils this need.It concludes with an analysis of international financial institutions and their functioning, the participants and instruments of global financial markets where international funds are raised, the many uses of international funds in the form of portfolio investments, and direct investments in host countries.Skip to main content, academia.Discusses the role of international financial institutions in the global financial market.To learn more, view our.And this book, written by Professor.Key Features : Illustrates the concepts with the help of examples, figures and tables.
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Besides explaining the theory of portfolio management that comprises fundamental and technical analyses, shares and bond valuation, efficient market theory and the capital asset pricing model, the book also provides a detailed analysis of the latest developments in securities trading.more, get A Copy, or buy.
Businesses today are no more confined to national boundaries and have become truly international.