uhf pro remote codes 6.4

V.2.1 SW Listening : Print button SAT Interface : running two icoms on one com port supported Rotator control : with Yaesu and HyGain, the program polls the rotator for its azimuth Support for the GoList QSL Manager database Various fixes.
V.6.7 DX Spots : more comprehensive dxcc Award tracking for each spot, filters for 60m, 220MHz,.2GHz QSO Before : uses the Logbook's font Remote (Keyer) : fix for long strings Band scope : Step adjustable in Manual mode Remote control : azimuth feedback.
Spots : new option to display all unneeded spots beyond xxxx.Messages BBLogger IK2VIW Giorgio Yes General Purpose, Italian Win 2000, 2003, XP, Vista, Win7.00 Grid 24,818,726.9 75 82 messages bklog A61BK a61bk Yes General Purpose Win.00 Yes Yes 340,273.8 3 3 messages bklog A61BK a61bk Yes General Purpose Win.00 Yes.V.6.9 (2017/07/31) Logbook MSK144, FT8 modes added, manual changes of mode (temporarily) disable the real-time function Acom 600 excitala en segundos pdf : Fix.(more last Heard 15M: R6HJ, YC2CAB, more.Update for lotw (new security profile).Most all loggers support this format.Zip.3.3 US States are exported to adif in upper case.3.0 FT-767GX : support for ctcss Update for the ILG Radio data files (pure Text) PTT switch via RTS or DTR line New logging mode (classic) Spanish interface (by Arturo EA5AKT) Commands panel.V.6.7 (2017/03/19) Contest mode : fixes for date and time Logbook: minor fixes and update, search function (more options) Cosmetic changes Revision of this Help.V.6.7 Remote control: Winkey now usable from Master for CW keying.By closing this banner, you agree to the use of cookies.Warning: please delete the layout file (.GRD) associated with the database to make these new fields visible from the Listing.V.1.0 Support for TenTec Argonaut VI, ftdx-3000 Fixes for ftdx5000 FT-950 Optimization for SteppIR Comm control: optimization for all devices New graphic slider with mousewheel control K3/KX3 FP : buttons now support mousewheel control.V.4.0 Fixes and improvements for icoms.V.5.4 updated for K3 firmware.14 minor fix for "special prefix database".V.0.6 Help files revisited, new design Ultra fast logging mode: choice between F12 or Enter.
V.7.2 1.7 2 minecraft servers cracked hunger games (2017/11/11) Acom 600S : Improvements Support for KAT500 FT-450: data mode added.

Alwin Guedesen Yes Full Station Management Win.00 Yes Yes 955,655.7 1 messages twlog Yes General Purpose Linux.00 Yes Yes 6,002.4 1 1 2 messages UA1AAF UA1AAF Post ucxlog DL7UCX Yes General Purpose Win.00 Yes Grid 25,456,570.4 25 26 messages.
V.7.3 Fixes included.
V.6.2 Monitoring : new tuning control and improved support for the mousewheel Browser : customized list of Favourites Support for TenTec RX320 receiver Kenwood : fix of memory channels editing dialog TS-2000 : selection for AF/SQL or AF/RF Gain controls TS-2000 Elecraft.