Despite its failure as Samuel Colts first firearms business venture, this percussion five-shooter gained fame when it was put to deadly use against the Comanches by the early Texas Rangers, most notably by Ranger John Coffee Hays when he used a pair of them.
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The Washington Post, February 22, 1969.
At Pastore's insistence, the networks promised tighter industry self-censorship, and the Surgeon General began a 1 million study on the effects of television.Its unique full-stocked carbine (in.45-75 caliber) was issued to Canadas North West Mounted Police and used by them into the early 20th century.As the successor to the big Dragoons, this sleek and handsome hogleg packed plenty of power but was easier to handle.Train edit Robert Conrad as James.The agents traveled in luxury aboard their own train, the Wanderer, equipped with everything from a stable car to a laboratory.In "The Night of the Samurai Baron Saigo says Admiral Perry took the sword over 30 years earlier.Back to the Wild Wild West.17 Originally a wood-burner, the Inyo was converted to oil in 1910.Revisited introduced Paul Williams as Miguelito Loveless., the son of the agents' nemesis.West 's saddle horn was booby-trapped with a dynamite bullet shell.The Night of the Bubbling Death The fireplace crack football manager 08 concealed a secret escape door and an emergency flare signal; it also had concealed side panels for chemicals and a primitive phone mouthpiece for communication with the engine The Night of the Brain and a case.He named it Lucretia Borgia after the femme fatale character from the stage play Lucrezia Borgia.The Night of the Cut-throats "The Night of the Janus A Ventrilquist dummy used by Artemus Gordon to throw his voice.That could have been better.Paradine planned world conquest using a formula for invisibility (recalling the first-season episode "The Night of the Burning Diamond.
Remington Sons, of Ilion, New York, introduced its New Model 1875.