Backing up the Hitachi/LG Drive: Well we dont have a hacked firmware yet (except for TheSpecialist) but we can backup the firmware.
Certainly owners of a DVD player that requires this field to be set to DVD-ROM, in order to work properly, will prefer a DVD recorder that supports setting the booktype field.
Hit "Generate File".
It will also explain how to create successful game back-ups.This will be covered in a separate tutorial.Now read this tutorial, twice.Save the original firmware as n somewhere safe.Connect the video cable to the back of the Xbox360.At the prompt type: A: mtkflash w /m n (If you are not using a floppy change directory to wherever you put the files) Press Enter and proceed as before.Down in the bottom left, you can select your xbox360 drive.Promise Sata controller on the asus P4C800E-Deluxe - Compatible, not HDD NF4SAT1 nForce 4 sata Controller - Compatible with proper Mtkflash Abit NF7-S2GNnforce2 sata (mapped as IDE ports 34) - Compatible sata notes: Mtkflash.Go to Tools Smart Hack Patcher.Dvd file When the booktype field (bitsetting) is changed to DVD-ROM then DVD players are fooled and will think the user has put in a DVD-ROM disc hp pavilion dm1 2010nr user manual instead of a dvdr disc and will read it accordingly.But before you do, read about bitsetting.Read all the forum rules.After its finished it will tell you to reboot the system.Various solutions were offered by the group, none of which worked, so I was left with the task of finding another drive to hotswap with (Yeah, right!) or find my own solution.After each string, click the "Send" button.Start wxRipper and select the right drive: Stick in your large DVD.
Choose your DVD drive from the drop-down list (there should only be one).
We are not responsible for any misreading or damage done to your Microsoft Xbox 360 in any way.

Open the floppy from My Computer and select the file.