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But her Mom refuses and insists on buying her clothes at discount store.
10 10 " I Do, I Don't " Steve De Jarnatt Jeremy.
Meanwhile, fed up with all the complaints about Matt's pranks, Jo decides to hand over the task of disciplining the kids to Sam.Meanwhile, Matt needs only one baseball card to complete his card collection but only Melina has.Lizzie and her friends learn a little about the pressures of teen stardom.External links manual to labor units edit Retrieved from " ".Roberts Melissa Gould April 20, Lizzie decides to run for school president and starts to become very egotistical, shrewd and obsessed with winning." Peter Montgomery Trish Baker August 10, Lizzie and her friends lie at their homes and sneak off to see an R-rated movie that everyone else at school has seen.However, this episode (along with several others) did not air in the correct order they were supposed to and Lalaine only appears in flashback episodes.He starts bossing his parents and Lanny around, but in the end he loses his voice and learns a lesson in humility.Miranda takes the blame for the rumor and Lizzie watches a full-scale war develop between the two, while Lizzie tries to work up the courage to admit that it was she who began the rumor.72 280 votes, rate this show, what did you think?50 19 " She Said, He Said, She Said " Brian.2, lalaine and, adam Lamberg play the roles of Miranda and Gordo, who are Lizzie's best friends.His obsession causes his grades to drop and Lizzie and Miranda take the help of Matt to bring Gordo back to his senses.Further, he plans to enter his film into the district film competition.A unique feature of the show is that her thoughts and emotions are expressed by her sarcastic animated alter ego.Archived from the original on November 16, 2006.
Terri Minsky and produced by, stan Rogow.

30 30 " Gordo's Video " Steve De Jarnatt Kris Lowe January 1, Gordo installs video cameras all around the school, revealing embarrassing secrets about the students.