build manual boost controller

Did you drive it?
Originally Posted by Militant-Grunt Also 1000 more expensive, ill get the 12 dollar Voodoo, I just want to hold more boost up top.The nut is at the end of the rod to where it connects to the flap.The 2 prong is for running it with the n75 Reply With" 02:30 PM #7 Re: Manual Boost Controller Install.I have the Forge MBC, I don't know which vac lines go where.Reply With" 06:13 PM #40 Re: Manual Boost Controller Install.Ml Get XZ MBC if you want inexpensive.Building a boost controller is a slippery slope sort of mod.In this prestige master hack ps3 simple configuration, the spring's springrate and preload determine how much boost pressure the system will achieve.Electronic boost control adds an air control solenoid and/or a stepper motor controlled by an electronic control unit.This model is placed in the engine bay; however, the vacuum line could be extended to allow it to reach into the passenger compartment.Is it easier to pull the turbo?Wuts urs dbw or drive by cable(ndbw)?
This air pressure can come from anywhere on the intake after the turbo, including after the throttle body, though that is less common.