Information about the Boundary: Everything outside of the boundary will not show up in-game!
"1 to match each player's number.
In your object property box, click Brush Width: 5, Brusher Feather Width: 3, Amount to raise/lower: anywhere between 15 and 25 is fine for now (I usually use 25 for mountains).The thing that's so popular about bunkers is the fact that you can put them slightly off a cliff to make its range a bit longer against the units below.You should be crushing moving cars when your done with the map.Now, click the "Actions if true" tab again, again clicking the "New." button.If you've ever noticed that when you blended some tiles together they still doesn't look right, you can use the blend single tile tool to fix.Name this area "InnerPerimeter1" like I did below: Again using the polygon tool, make another area around where the player should begin being warned of an enemy unit entering into his base.» Some Mapmaking Tips First of all, you should have some plan for what you are doing before opening up World Builder.Q: Paint large tile (select which number tiles you want to paint; good for mountains).Use the fence tool to make fences in a straight line, instead of placing each piece of fence by hand.You just need to be able to get an image in your head about what it's going to look like.Another way to make your map look good is to use the tree/shrubbery tool.After you've done that, click on one of the waypoints and in the object property box, enter the following values for Waypoint Path Labels: For the main entrance: Center1 For the second entrance: Flank1 And for the sneak attack, back-door entrance (if there is one.Also enter how many milliseconds you want to display the message for (1000 milliseconds is equal to 1 second).Create a path to each entrance of each base (there should be 2-4 entrances to each base if you want it to be an exciting game).FinalSun and, finalAlert 2, in par with the more advanced 3D engine.Press the "New Script." button again, and this time click the "Script Conditions" tab.Expand the list to Scripting - Timer - Seconds countdown timer - set, as shown below: Click the question marks "?" next to the word "timer" in the box below, and type crazytalk cam suite pro manual in "timer1" in the box that appears to name the timer.If someone could edit this and make it sound simpler, that would be great.Now click on the car and name it something.Note: some trees might appear invisible: delete these and try another type.