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During this period, Citroën magnavox cdb486 owlners manual produced 7,500 BX Sports; 2,500 in the first series, then an extra 5,000 due to its sales success.3 The.6 version was the first car to use the all-new short-stroke XU-series engine.The engine was downsleeved to 2,141.5 cc (from 2,155 cc) to stay under the three-litre limit after FIA's multiplication factor.4 was applied.Milano: Editoriale Domus.p.A.It had a very long nose because the engine (a turbocharger fitted version of Chrysler Europe 's Simca Type 180 engine) was mounted longitudinally, unlike in the regular."Citroën BX 19 D: Een tweede Citroën die dieselt" The second Citroën to diesel.The engine produced 215 hp (160 kW) and Gustafsson was second in the Swedish International Rally 1993 in the A7 category.The, citroën BX is a large family car which was produced by the French manufacturer.Ml Mastrostefano, Raffaele,.17 16V edit Citroën BX 16 Valve (Phase 1) In May 1987, a 16-valve version of the GTi was launched.Find your next travel destination.The BX was designed to replace the successful small family car.Top speed is 194 km/h (121 mph).Max power is 105 PS (77 kW).