31) What Is the "Classical" Object-Oriented Paradigm?
It utilizes several.Because of this, submission of completed lab work will be a default part of each week's homework (see below).The College of Engineering and Applied Sciences regards academic dishonesty as a very serious matter, and provides for substantial penalties in such cases, such as receiving an F' grade, or expulsion from the University.Unit IV Inherited methods, Redefined methods, The protected interface, Abstract base classes, Public and protected properties, Private operations, Disinheritance, Multiple inheritance.Any suspected instance of academic dishonesty will be reported to the Academic Judiciary.Techniques from previously established paradigms, including modularity, polymorphism, and encapsulation.Anna university CSE object oriented programmings question papers collections anna university oops question papers cse.What are the characteristics of Object Oriented programming language?I expect that the exams will involve programming exercises as well as written questions.Unit V Study of C as object oriented programming language.To learn more, view our.While(t0) cin i; cout "nn switch(i) case 1: d break; case 2: b break; case 3: lt break; case 4: obj.38) What Is the OMG/OMA/ORB/corba?What are the various elements of OOP?18) What Is a Method?Computer science engineering LAB manual IV SEM object oriented technology (IT 303) ) index.H class shape protected: double x; double y; public: shape.0;.0; shape(double a,double b) xa; yb; void get_data cout "enter x cin x; cout "enter y cin y; virtual void display_area 0; ; class triangle:public shape public: triangle triangle(double a,double b shape(a,b) void display_area.Experiment:7 write a program to describe destructor.

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