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As I mentioned earlier, its often better to go back and fix issues like this in the mix session.
On the first insert slot of the output bus, put the Cubase compressor.Just as a web designer must make sure that their website looks great on most devices, we must make sure that our music sounds great on most playback systems.Ive bought it, I was curious to check it out.You dont need the best or most expensive monitors, you just need some basic studio monitors that will help you hear whats really canon bj-10ex user manual going on, and arent going to hype the sound like most consumer HiFi speakers and headphones.If you want to make sure that your songs sound great no matter where theyre played, and what theyre played on, referencing is the key.On the fourth, maybe put the 10-band equalizer.Theres no secret to this step, you simply want to burn your master to a CD, or put it on some kind of player, and go and listen to it on as many different systems you can get your hands.Its really affordable and does a good job.But I am sure its not wrong to show you my way of mixing this track and thought procedure.A good analogy for this can be found in web design.VaATI3-IG2n8, well, I hope I could send you the mixing stems to let you mix step by step, but I am not sure I can do that, it would be stupid of me to make the files public for download when graham sells them.Finally, I have a Bluetooth speaker which Ive linked up to some extra outputs on my audio interface.You sit back and stare it in wonder, thinking look at how clever and talented I am to design such a marvel.The same is true for your music.You could also just do this in the four-band parametric equalizer built in to the bus, if you like.The cubase plugin has a "light master" preset.Because all systems sound different, you want to get an idea of what some professionally mastered commercial tracks sound like on them before judging your own.The reason this is important is because ultimately were trying to make sure that our masters sound great no matter where theyre played or what theyre played back.Now play the song, and watch the amount of gain reduction you are getting.Be careful, it tends to change the overall eq balance.
I like to have at least three different playback systems / speakers / devices right in my studio and ready to go, so that I can quickly switch between them.
If this sounds complicated, its not!

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