Isapi Issues with CFWheels, i am working with a brand new instance of IIS on Windows Server 2012 and high sobriety my year without booze, jill stark.pdf I am having trouble getting my CFWheels app to work.
Often you have to mark your applications as "distributable" in web.
Finally, beware the Jakarta isapi plugin for IIS - it is a port from Apache mod_jk, and is quite broken, at least at high load.So, I need to check JK status page, but it throws an error 404.Stack Overflow, isapi Redirect is a server plugin that facilitates transactions between Microsoft IIS and Apache Tomcat.Also, all of the classes you put into a session must implement the serializable interface.Xml, and potentially do other things.Iis coldfusion isapi cfwheels isapi-redirect 399 views 380 views 1k views per page 1 2 3 4 next.32 views 117 views 187 views 65 views 259 views, jK Status page 404 error, i'm trying to configure IIS isapi redirect Tomcat.IIS.5 Application request routing plugin might be a better option if you want to stay all-windows.I've followed all of Microsoft's instructions - put the connector.dll in tomcatdirbinwin32i386, added the registry entry, added a filter (pointing to the.dll) to the default web site.Iis tomcat8 mod-jk isapi-redirect 38 views 116 views 333 views 208 views 407 views 171 views 83 views.The issue it seems to be with isapi filters and isapi_redirect.Setting up a cluster on the Tomcat side which does session replication often involves more than just editing server.Has anyone experienced this?And yet, any time I try to access a Tomcat web app, I get the "You are not authorized to view this page" error.I've been trying for days to get Tomcat up and running through IIS via the Jakarta Connector.Dll would spontaneously stop serving anything at high load (with nothing in the error logs and no other evidence of problems in perfmon).Here is operties: /webtier*loadbalancer /jkstatus*jkstatus.We have a 7-server tomcat cluster (300 req/sec peaks) and eventually switched to using nginx on Linux on the front end instead of IIS because the isapi_redirect.Starting with version.2.27 the size of the shared memory is determined." Xbox One controller gets programmable trigger buttons, design refinements".