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QCon London, march 5-8, 2015.Ora within the instant client directory that contains the following: OracleTnsName ( description ( address (protocoltcp host port1521) ) ( connect_data (service_nameacc) ) note: Actual host, port, and service_name will vary based on Oracle game co vua 2 nguoi choi server you are establishing a connection.MyScript Smart Note turns handwritten input into interactive content.Step 3: Create linked server in SQL to the Oracle database.It is recommended that you reboot the SQL server, but may not be necessary.Please remember to follow the instruction given by your server, if the server specifically tell you to get Sakray then please scroll down to download Sakray 0325 (and the BGM DLL packages).In the drivers list, select.You can also use the syntax above to define multiple TNS names in the same tnsnames.Download the necessary, oracle Instant Client packages: Basic, odbc, and SQL*Plus (optional).The best tools available for creating, testing, and debugging code.There are servers that are using the old Sakray client exe and might not work with the new Ragnarok/Renewal grf.This should result in a directory like C:Oracleinstantclient_10_2, which will be the value of directory referenced in the rest of this answer.Unzip the packages to a local directory on the SQL server, typically C:Oracle.More.NET ยป.NET News, appArchitect.0 bringing full support for Android to mobile app creation tool.Is the world just going cross platform crazy these days?The Renewal server is now the new Sakray server.
Specify the following: Data Source Name: System DSN Name.