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The bike is in excellent condition.The phantom ducman spy pics - who is that masked man Ismo Hakamaki's "bigbore" 175cc 5-speed 450 MK III D - and some other beauties too Scot Wilson - a pair of cool '72 Z Stripe Sports Charles Turner's 750 Sport Early GT - Stefan.Tom's infamous GT projects - The bevel barbarian's natural habitat.Wolfram has this conversion on his SS, says it works well and saves a bunch of time.Steve Richmond's 350 Sebring - was for sale, but you fix it utilities 11 missed your chance Greenframe - the classic, national Ducati Rally 2000, Canberra Australia - Photos - Greg Davies, great Group Photo - John Clifton - first National Ducati Rally Australia 1992.In fact all classic Italian motorcycles and most of the cars too.Website is in German, but interesting nontheless, check out the link to the "Ducati Festival 2000" neat stuff Buchanan's - wheel builders, one of the best, comensurate prices -.I do business with Phil all the time, great service, prices are excellent, shipping is fast - Columbia Car Cycle - Wolfgang Haerter, British Columbia, Canada - Great source for many of the Ducati parts you've all been looking for.Hence, the DOT-5 cap designation) For best braking performance, they recommend changing brake fluid twice a year.Cucciolo Owners manual Cucciolo Parts Manual Cucciolo Motor Photos 160 Monza.Historic and Racing Ducati archive - historic Ducati images from the Ducati Museum collection - Bologna - courtesy of Livio Lodi museum curator part suppliers people I know and or have had good experiences with Road Race Ducati - Australia, Phil Hitchcock.Thanks Jim, and Jordan.Saddle: Claud Butler Custom MTB Saddle.750GT seat cover - pattern taken from the original cover - Lloyd Maclean The geargazer - aftermarket replacement top bevelcover with sight glass that provides view of working bevelgears, available in various styles, from various sources, like Road and Race Loctite application chart - which.By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies.Detail Brushes - original design, stainless steel or nylon, handmade detail brushes - top quality stuff Low cost replacement oil filters for 900s - Kawasaki filter - # or after market part # hiflofiltro HF 123 - readily available and seals on the shaft, not.The brakes and gears all work as they should ready for the new owner.Needles Charts - needles sizing for DellOrto carbs.Its a 21" aluminium frame.

Too soon to comment on longevity.