The phrase Horses for Courses comes to mind So what do you think?
This is possibly an urban legend, but believable.Then: what should our next one be?200.00 1973 honda CR250M CR 250 M elsinore ahrma clutch side side cover (nice) 306.While the Japanese firms are nero full version with serial key decidedly eye of the beholder manual map pdf cool on the off-road market with Honda and Yamaha only fielding two bikes each to the sector and Suzuki epson tm t88v service manual and Kawasaki all but opted out, the Euro boys are having a field day.Get yourself to a try-out-day at the very least and give them a go and then get yourself a bank loan.These boys cover big distances flat-out on sandy trails, so a 450 thumper is the obvious tool for the job.Last: can we afford it?CR 125 Honda Elsinore 3,500.00, vintage 1973-74honda elsinore CR250M stock OEM pipe motocross ahrma HRC VMX FMF 800.00, honda CR250M Elsinore 1975 Gas Tank CR250 CR 250 449.99 1974 Honda CR 250 Elsinore 4,000.00, vintage NOS FMF Emler Porcupine Cylinder Head Honda CR125M CR125 Elsinore.Get right down to it, each of us has a different way to get from here to there: walk, ride a bicycle, take a bus, hitchhike, even choke, gasp drive a car, as a last resort, if all else fails.I mentioned on a local discussion forum (.Theyd have no power for ages and then the hit would come in like a sledgehammer to the back of your head.
The Buell mill 9 or 12 just doesnt quite cut it up top compared to bikes you can pick up for just a few hundred bucks more.

Tell a Western Australian that he needs a 250 two-stoker for his trail riding and youll get a two word answer.
Machines with character, class and style, machines that we would live for and live with and love.