hp 42s owner handbook

The calculator was introduced in 2003, is visibly distinguished by its silver-colored upper half as opposed to the gold-colored plate on south of the border fernando pdf the original 12c.
It seems to work most of the time, although it sometimes makes funny noises and gives an error message while reading.
Pdf.082 MB filetype pdf excel 2014 _85pages_Mar81_OCR.There are four battery contacts."Product End-of-Life (EOL) Notification" (PDF).Pdf.736 MB 1000_L-Series_ReferenceManual_ _78pages_Oct80.pdf.72.007.125 MB _461pages_Sep80.pdf.71 MB 1000 A600/600 _141pages_Dec83.pdf.264.14.473.302 MB 2456A_Micro16-Plus_Tech Data_5953-8767_1page_Feb86.pdf.022.102.022 MB _35pages_Jul82.pdf.544 MB 1000_A600_VCPlusUpgradeKit_ )7pages_Nov83.pdf.052 MB _38pages_Dec84.pdf.507.86.Its a bit fuzzy, but if you compare it to the back-plane from your calculator, you can see that the middle two battery contacts have been bridged, and that new contacts have been soldered onto the outer two.The cover for the charging jack is missing (although the calculator didnt come with a rechargeable battery).Pdf.34 MB _65pages_Aug88.pdf.385 MB _388pages_Aug87.pdf.286 MB _579pages_Jun86.pdf.742 MB _433pages_Feb84.pdf.358 MB _207pages_Feb84.pdf.234 MB _559pages_Feb84.pdf.9 MB 12103C 512 KB Memory pool live tour hack tool v4.8 A-Series 12103D 1 MB Memory for A-Series KB Memory Controller 12154A Battery Backup 37222A Modem 37222A_IntegralModem_ _55pages_Sep83.pdf.629 MB 12040D.Put the bezel on the front half of the case (note that the bezel is slightly narrower on one side than the other; the narrow side faces the front of the case).Pdf.344 MB RTE-A_PrintAndSpoolingManual_ _98pages_Apr95_FromHP.Pdf.066.223.11 MB.066 MB.084 MB.931 MB 725. MB 700i.507 MB 745i_747i_ServiceManual_A _217pages_Oct93.pdf.959.248 MB 742i_OwnersGuideForHP-UX_A _134pages_Feb93_OCR.Cut two additional pieces about 1/4 longer to to connect the remaining two pairs of pads.0.251 MB AdvanceLink 2392 Advancelink2392_ _387pages_Aug86.pdf.238.055 MB Advancelink2392_SettingUp_ _61pages_Aug86.pdf.612 MB 82973A Software HP basic for Vectra pages-Jun89.pdf.743 MB pages-Jul89.pdf.449.294 MB _558pages_Oct1987_OCR.
The battery contacts were badly corroded.
Inside the HP-41CX, this photo shows the two halves of the HP-41CX case (sorry about the poor quality of most of the photos they were taken in the 1990s with a very early analog electronic still camera).

There are still a few things that need to be fixed.