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(aka Sudden Pregnancy Death Syndrome).
The player will no longer receive text notification messages that deceased Sims "are no longer friends.Menu, pidat do Oblíbench, pro zkopírování souboru do Oblíbench se musíte nejprve pihlásit.Web advert, you may be interested.Fixed a bug where inventory items and all memories were being deleted after joining a Greek house.You can close the.Babies are no longer available in the pool of online chatters.Eliminated a rare improper reset when canceling a cell phone call on community lots.There was an issue with the game locking up when in cameraman mode while a pregnancy state transition occurred or a Sim burned to death.Pro zajitní plné funknosti webu doporuujeme pouít jin. .Fixed a rare instance where the Mascot NPC would become stuck in place after pulling the sprinkler prank.Asking too many Sims at once to freestyle would result in scripting errors.Fixed an improper reset specific to Lucy Burb returning home from school with good grades.Fixed a problem in University where Dustin Broke would bring Angela Pleasant home every day from school.Lowered frequency of Child Sims aborting queue actions in favor of greeting their parents as they returning from work.Zobrazit/skrt více obsahu, downloading file in progress.Fixed an issue where Sims' thought bubbles would clip through heads of Sims.