"File System Runtime Library Routines".
For the Windows social wars cash hack cheat engine NT kernel itself, see.
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Exe Exp Windows executive private: Routines within the executive layer that are not exported for call outside of the executive (p private) FsRtl file system runtime library 3 Io I/O manager 4 Ke core kernel routines 5 Ki routines in the kernel that are not.See also edit On a multiprocessor system ntkrnlmp.Exe is mapped into this region, as are several other kernel mode components.This permits various kernel components to carry on critical operations without necessarily blocking services of peripherals and other devices.Registry edit Further information: Windows Registry Windows Registry is a repository for configuration and settings information for the operating system and for other software, such as applications.This article is about a computer file that contains a part of Windows kernel, among other things.Exe (csrss stands for client/server runtime sub-system) Dbg are debugging aid functions such as a software break point Ex Windows executive, an "outer layer" of Ntoskrnl.In the x86 architecture, interrupts are handled through the Interrupt Dispatch Table (IDT).Exe is installed as ntoskrnl.Loaded driver s, loaded driver s, loaded driver s, loaded driver s, loaded driver s, loaded driver.Application programs run in processes and supply code that runs in user mode.By quickly swapping between many different threads in that manner, the OS makes it look like several things are happening at once, although in reality the number of things (threads) happening concurrently is exactly equal to the number of processor cores.
This includes many utility functions that can be used by native applications, yet don't directly involve kernel support Rtlp Run-Time Library internal routines that are not exported form the kernel.

Microsoft Windows divides virtual address space into two regions.
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