1980 - New factories are opening in France, and in other countries of Europe, Asia, Latin America, Canada there are assembling companies 1980 - The launch of the nba final 2008 game Renault 5 Turbo.
1999 - Renault buys a 99 stake in the Romanian company Dacia, and also acquires.8 of Nissan in exchange for 15 of its shares.
The engine was located in the middle of the car in place of the rear row of seats.2010 - At the international motor show in Paris Renault presents dezir: the founder of the new design of all Renault cars.1979 - To enter the American car market, Renault buys.5 stake in American Motors (AMC which at that time owned Jeep and Eagle.1996 - The company was again privatized and is now called "Renault.A.".1965 - Renault launches production of the world's first hatchback - Renault 16 (1966 car in Europe).The company's headquarters are located in Boulogne-Billancourt, near Paris.1984 - Renault enters the market of cars of a representative class with a hatchback Renault.2001 - Renault sells Volvo's truck division (Renault VĂ©hicules Industriels).1972 - Renault enters the segment of "supermini" cars with a hatchback Renault 5, one of the first models in this class.1976 - Renault 5 Alpine - the first sports hatchback from the company Renault.Launch of production of Renault Twingo and Renault Safrane.2015 - Renault Introduces New Logo 2016 - Renault introduced a crossover called the Renault Kaptur.1961 - The Renault 4CV, competitor to Citroen 2CV and Volkswagen Beetle, goes on sale.